Located in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn, Peter Karl Studios offers a 25’ x 30’ live room with 12’ high ceilings. It has a 9’ Steinway grand piano, a Fender Rhodes, Hammond B3 with Leslie, Wurlitzer electric piano, a Farfisa Fast IV organ, a drum set and various percussion instruments.
There are isolation booths for vocals, bass, percussion and piano.

Peter Karl has been recording music since the age of 10 when he was given a cassette recorder by his parents. He graduated with a sound engineering degree from Eastern Washington University and then worked in the sound department at Channel 13 in New York for nine years. After freelancing as a sound engineer, he began his own music recording studio in 1987. 

Peter loves recording music of many different styles from classical to trad jazz to Latin to Klezmer. The relatively live sound of his room is ideal for acoustic instruments. He also has made several film scores and commercial voice-overs.

Peter tries to make his clients as comfortable as possible so they can focus on their art and record great performances of their music. He is known for his fast setup, skilled editing, good ears, and bad jokes.

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